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About Boaz Bar-Shay

A tour guide with 20 years of experience with large and small groups. Story telling and creative writing therapist for the last 21 years. Boaz has an experience guiding and leading people from all ages  all over Israel.
Boaz has built different kinds of educational programs that help visitors to enjoy their visit, learn and feel the place and the local stories. Boaz believes that traveling is all about meeting people, that through their view, feeling and character you as a traveler can have a life time memory.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

Beautiful countries

In addition to Israel, I also have the pleasure of guiding in other amazing places: Ireland and Sri Lanka. 

My Poetry Book

I love to write, and the places, people landscapes and experiences I meet along the way, I translate into poetry

Boaz |  972--54-5722318

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